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Alpha Phi Delta Crest
Fraternity Crest
Alpha Phi Delta is a lifelong national fraternity of men dedicated to academic excellence, leadership in campus activities, diversity, and community service. With over 85 years as a member of the Greek Community at Penn State, Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta has exceled in such events as Homecoming and the Dance Marathon, while making a positive impact through charitable activities. Values of the Fraternity include honor, integrity, unity, respect, forming a brotherhood that is beneficial to the overall strength of the group, as well as developing the individuality of college men.

While Alpha Phi Delta upholds its Italian-American heritage, the organization is composed of college men from many various religious and ethnic backgrounds. We believe that by understanding what our founders went through will help us to understand the ideals of equality. The fraternity welcomes undergraduates from all nationalities and ways of life. 

The history of Alpha Phi Delta from the founding, onward to 1973, is detailed meticulously in The History of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, written and edited by Stanley W. Raffa. The dedication, written by Rev. Salvatore J. Federici, is perhaps the best description of the formation of our Fraternity that can be offered.

“At the turn of the century, the sons of Italo-American immigrants were reaching the economic status whereby they were able to attend colleges and universities throughout the United States. As was the case with their parents before them, they encountered many difficulties; not the least among them was exclusion from the normal social life on the various campuses.

A group of Italo-American students, convinced of their innate status of equality, without fanfare, demonstrations or protest, formed their own colonies. From this modest beginning, Alpha Phi Delta was born.

To these pioneers, endowed with a sense of their own human dignity and nobility, this volume is humbly dedicated.”

The Creeds of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity

The following Creeds of Alpha Phi Delta were adopted at the time of our founding and reflect our goals and ideals as a fraternity. Though drafted years ago, in a world much different than ours, they are an example of timeless ideals.

  1. The unstinted contribution to the development of democratic ideals.
  2. The instillation in the minds of its members of the need to foster and develop the highest and noblest traits of man.
  3. The development of the common bond.
  4. The development and perpetuation of friendships formed during college days.
  5. The demonstration that pride in ancestry can strengthen one's faith in America.
  6. The knowledge that culture can be and is essential to civilization.
  7. The advancement of the fact there is really no segregation and that all members are Americans.
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