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Welcome To Rush.

While there certainly are many ways to enrich your college experience, there is definitely no better way than joining a college fraternity. The Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta National Fraternity believe that academics, athletics, and a satisfying social atmosphere are all very essential to college life, and there is no better way to attain these main ingredients than by joining a fraternity.

Alpha Phi Delta is one of the fastest growing fraternities in the country. We have a strong base of Chapters from New England to Florida, and we are constantly expanding into new areas. We also have Alumni groups from coast-to-coast.

Even as we are expanding in all directions across the country and growing in numbers like never before, we still remain one of the tightest knit national fraternities around. Part of the beauty of belonging to a national fraternity, like Alpha Phi Delta, is the prospect of developing long-distance friendships with Brothers from other parts of the country. We keep in constant touch with our fellow Brothers in others Chapters through parties, picnics, meetings, conventions, and vacations. Many of our Alumni, as well as Undergraduate Brothers, serve in the National Fraternity's governmental system, either on the Executive Board, as regional leaders, or as Chapter advisors. Our Alumni also keep active amongst themselves, through the many Alumni Clubs and Alumni Associations located throughout the nation.

All Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta are involved in various University activities, organizations, Greek councils, and student leadership positions. We are always active participants in interfraternity events, as well.

There is no better way to enhance your college experience than by joining a fraternity, and there is no better fraternity for you to become a valuable part of than Alpha Phi Delta. Our fraternity will help you to grow and mature as both a student and a human being. Very few textbooks can say that!

Interested in getting to know the brothers of Chi chapter? Still have questions this website can't answer? Or just looking for the when and where of events we might be having?  Feel free to use the Contact Us link to submit an email to us with your questions, contact information, or suggestions. 

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